*whispers* I wonder how many scenes they’ve already filmed of them making out...

*whispers lower* I don’t need to say who this is referring to cause ya’ll already know.

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pretty girls with a messy bun and baggy shirts look hot as fuck but when I do it it’s like I’ve been doing drugs for 5 days straight

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Anonymous: you bitch



Some of June’s best posts.

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This might be the season where Ian and Mickey finally have on screen uninterrupted sex


This is important.

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During the Muslim holiday, explosions in Gaza damage a hospital and a park killing 10, eight of them children - another series by Carolyn Cole

A day when children should be receiving gifts, and being showered with love from their parents.. are instead being mourned by their parents.

This, is their Eid. 

Being absent from this blog is mainly due to summer hiatus- but I wanted to share some other stuff I post on my other blogs.. Educate yourself, then educate others. It’s the least we can do.


i don’t think i could have a bodyguard w/o falling in love with them

  • open doors for me
  • buff
  • quiet/stoic
  • focused on my well-being and safety at all times
  • tall + good posture
  • lean down to whisper at me
  • will not hesitate to punch creeps
  • can and will literally shield me with his whole body

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My activity spikes every Wednesday because of this post 

always reblog on a wednesday, that’s the rule.

Dammit its Wednesday and I would have been rethinking scrolling past this all day if I didn’t reblog

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I’ve always been told not to give in to peer pressure but I’ve never been told not to pressure my peers and I think that shows how dysfunctional society is

real life plot hole found

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